Different Types of Renewable Energy for Homeowners in Florida

November 9, 2021by homeadvisorsfl0

Florida is not much of a state to rely on renewable sources, only 4% of Florida’s net power is generated through renewable sources in 2019. The only significant source of renewable energy in the state of Florida is Solar Energy and Biomass. Florida is also one of the four states to generate solar energy by concentrating solar radiation by using the latest technologies.

Even if there are only two significant renewable sources in Florida, they are worth talking about in detail.

  1. Solar Energy:

With tax incentives, beautiful sunlight, and Net Metering benefits, solar power generation in Florida is increasing rapidly. Miami, Palm Island, and Broward are three of the top performers in solar power generation.

While the cost of solar panels for regular homeowners in Florida may seem a bit harsh, but with long-term returns on electricity bills, you are not going to regret the initial one.

Solar energy works on the principle of photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits the cells, electrons are released almost immediately to flow through the connections, which produces the flow of electricity in the circuits. While every cell is capable of generating electricity, it’s not possible to generate an ample amount of power without a large array of photovoltaic cells, called solar panels.

With up to 26% off of the cost of solar panels in Florida on income tax, the interest of the homeowners has increased significantly throughout the years but is still not enough to call it impactful. When you look at this from another perspective, there are research papers that claim, Florida can be a completely solar state, it has the potential – the sunshine state has the abundance of solar power than in anywhere in the country.

Florid Net Metering is another beneficial addition for homeowners who are seeking to install solar panels. What you export to the grid is what you earn. You don’t technically “earn” though. The abundant solar energy that you won’t be able to use will be sent back to the grid, where it will be calculated, and a discount worth that much energy will be applied to your monthly bill. Most homeowners are able to almost completely wipe out their electricity bill with Net metering.

  1. Bio-Mass:

Florida accounts for about 8% of the nation’s biomass-fueled power generation. Only shy to California and Georgia.

The largest biomass generating capacities in Florida are mostly municipal solid waste processing plants. Followed by wood and wood wastage.

  1. Hydroelectric and Wind Power:

Florida has very insignificant hydro and wind power generated onshore or offshore. There is a small amount of power is generated at one hydroelectric plant in Panhandle. Miami and Palm Island were thought over as potential spots for windmills but were discarded later.

As a whole, Florida doesn’t have a renewable energy portfolio standard, but it does have the encouragement of state and local government in the form of tax incentives and loans to adopt solar power for homeowners. Florida also has individual energy efficiency aims set by the authorities.


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