Choosing the Right Company to Install New Impact Windows

November 7, 2021by homeadvisorsfl0

The state of Florida has a love for extreme climates – beautiful sun and devastating Hurricanes. When you dial a window installation company in Florida, the chances are you are looking for an impact window installation company. While looking for an impact window repair company is not that hard, but choosing the best one is. You can’t risk a below-par job with the safety of you and your family.

Consider a few important factors while choosing the right company to install impact windows:

  1. License and Insurance:

Ask your impact window company about the licenses of the handymen and liability insurance. While an unlicensed person can do sloppy jobs, liability insurance can cover you for the damages that occurred during the installation. If your installation is being done by an unlicensed person, the liability of any damages falls on you. Make sure the company has handled installations prior to you and has a good track record with the customers. In Florida, returning customers are a good sign.

  1. Make Sure You Get the Right Product:

If you are not the one getting the products, make sure the impact window company works with the brand and type of window you are looking to install. In Florida, if they are licensed and have a good record, it’s unlikely they will not work with hurricane-safe impact windows. But it’s always better to ask questions – makes life easier. Don’t install traditional glass in place of non-impact glasses, in Florida, it’s absolutely necessary to have impact windows.

Some companies may try to cut the corners in order to provide a better deal for you by using the cheaper solutions and providing a sloppy service. Make sure they are working with the best impact windows that your budget gets. Ask beforehand about the brands they work with and give some time for research before deciding upon a brand or impact window installation company.

  1. Look for Reviews on the Internet:

Internet is a place, where no one is safe. Not even your impact roof installation company. Check their website and other review-centric places for the problems and contradictions of the company you have stumbled upon. It’s possible that they have seriously considered the reviews and have improved their service, but in Florida or Broward, you can’t risk your impact window on chances when hurricane hits.

Don’t trust very positive one-liner reviews. They could be fake.

  1. Emergency Services:

It’s very likely that you will forget to install and repair the new impact windows after the storm passes and until the next one knocks. While you should always be prepared, your impact window installation company should be too. In Florida, without an emergency service, cracked and broken windows can cause severe damage to your house when the storm hits. Confirm with them about 24/7 emergency services for the needs-to-be-done-now situations.

  1. Routine Inspection:

A good business relationship goes both ways. Schedule routine maintenance and services to build up a relation around their services to have a good rapport when in an emergency. You could benefit from treatments and repairs every six months depending on where you live. In Miami, Broward, or Palm Beach, you need repairs every three.


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